Golf clinic
Golf clinic

Golf Clinics are a fantastic way to join in with a group of golfers all with the same goal, to improve and enjoy the game.

We have a variety of different clinics all held at a variety of times.  Alternatively, if you have a group of 4-7 friends who all want to either learn golf or improve together, then we can arrange classes at a time which is convenient to you.


Open Adult Clinics – $30 per class
Open to all adult golfers who want to improve their game with like minded people or a group of friends.

Improve your game in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  Equipment supplied if required.

Clinic Timetable
6:30pm – Wednesday with Brendan Green (Swing Check for Intermediate & Advanced Golfers)
6:30pm – Thursday with Brendan Green (New & Beginner’s Clinic)

We have great golf coaching facilities 

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Senior Clinics – $25 per class
“You are never too old to learn”

For the avid golfer who is over 55, we cater for bodies that might not move like they used to…

Clinic Timetable
Monday – 11:00am with Rodney Akam
Tuesday – 9:30am with Rodney Akam
Tuesday – 11:00am with Rodney Akam
Wednesday – 11:00am with Brendan Green
Friday – 10:00am with Jonathan Porter

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Ladies Golf Clinics – $30 per class
Our ladies only clinics are are great way to meet other ladies learning and enjoying the game.

Improve your game in a relaxed environment. Equipment supplied if required

Clinic Timetable
Monday – 10:00am with Brendan Green
Monday – 1:00pm with Brendan Green
Thursday – 9:30am with Jonathan Porter
Thursday – 11:00am with David Williams
Friday – 9:00am with Brendan Green

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Short Game Clinics – $30 per class
Specialising in clinics just on the short game.  Each class will focus on one aspect of the short game.

Putting, Chipping & Bunkers

Date Time Subject
Monday 23/3/20

Monday 30/3/20

Monday 5/4/20







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