David Williams explains about achieving a better ball strike.

The golf shot requires a downward attack angle with all clubs to impart backspin for the balls aerodynamic flight (except putter & driver). Clubs are designed with a forward leaning shaft to make impact on the downward swing arc.

We swing the golf club in a circle around our body. With a standard golf shot, the theoretical low point, or bottom, of the swing is below the target side shoulder.

The Geometry of the Golfers Swing diagram will show how this is supposed happen.

This helps explain why good players strike the ball first and then interact with the ground after contacting the ball (taking a divot)

Watch the video… you’ll notice the club strike the ball first strike then the club enters the turf and reaches it’s deepest point around the front foot, well ahead of where the ball was. You will also notice that the shaft is very much leaning forwards, placing the hands well ahead of the club head at impact.

To start achieving this, learning to hit lower punch type shots will assist the golfer in getting those hands in front of the ball through impact.

So…. Are you taking a divot past the golf ball when playing a shot from the fairway?? If not, I might be able to help you achieve better ball striking…

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